What’s going on here?

This site has contains two main types of content.

Each of my papers has its own post, which you can think of as an informal abstract. Life would be simpler if were easy to find out what the authors of papers thought was important and novel about their results, and this is my attempt to provide that service to others. These posts are filed under Bibliography.

The second category of posts is my Scrapbook. I find that often I’ll spend a few days working something out only to have forgotten it six weeks later. So I’m making an effort to record that sort of thing here, aiming for the same level of detail as I would use if I were explaining things at a blackboard. The intended audience is me of the future, but making these notes publicly available encourages me not to gloss over tricky details. And you never know, perhaps you’ll find them useful too.

Please ask about anything that isn’t clear, either on this site or in my published papers. Comments are enabled everywhere, but won’t appear until I’ve had a chance to read them first.

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